About Mala Jam Records

The Dream

Mala Jam Records was started initially with one thing in mind: producing records. As students of art all their lives, Jack and Henry have a deep and ever expanding passion for interdisciplinary art. The pair is focused on curating and creating great music, and they believe in what they work on every step of the way. Mala Jam works with artists who have something to say, and the team hopes to make the process of expression as beautiful and easy as possible.

The Beginning

As the project evolved, the pair began to understand the wonderful web of artistry they found themselves intertwined in, something that is exceedingly rare and incredibly exciting. Now the concept of Mala Jam permeates beyond making hits and into creating a community of like-minded artists hungry for creating amazing work.

Our Mission

Mala Jam Records is an independent record label dedicated to enabling, producing, and procurring a new generation of self-made music.

What We Do

Mala Jam Records partners with musical and visual artists to offer a holistic musical experience through production, distribution, branding, and promotion of each musical artist.

What We Offer
  1. Vision
  2. With our experienced producers and designers, we offer unparalleled knowledge and skill of the music industry to our artists.

  3. Resources
  4. Recording, Mixing, Branding? We take care of everything!

  5. Connection
  6. Our distribution channels your music to all the major streaming platforms for our artists to get the most attention possible.

Meet The Team!

Label Executives

Moving Things Forwards

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Visual Artists

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The Studio

They make the magic happen.

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