The Team

Label Executives

Henry Ptacek

Founder, Partner

Henry Ptacek is a music producer, musician, and industrial thinker. With his past musical projects, Henry has found a common theme: deep longing for diversity and artistic connection. Henry wants to make great music; music that is intrinsically beautiful no matter the genre. Because of this desire, he began to realize that record labels are meant to put out good records. That is what Mala Jam, to its core, is about- creating good music. Henry has become obsessed with the full range of music production in order to create work that can be artistically competitive with any music.

Jack Cain


Jack Cain is a man of many passions. As a music producer, musician, actor, and songwriter, he is ecstatic to bring his experience in the arts to the musicians he works with. First beginning his artistic development as a toddler on stage, he is currently studying in a rigorous acting program at The University of Southern California. Jack firmly believes that the arts are interconnected, and when creators explore other mediums or ways to express themselves, all of their art is enhanced. Fascinated by the process of perpetual learning, no challenge is too great as he strives to make beautiful music and lasting art.

Sarah Stephan


Drawn to Jack and Henry’s passion for producing music, Sarah was one of the first members to join the Mala Jams team. Sarah has previously worked on many small business projects, focusing on improving marketing and efficiency. She currently runs her own sustainable shopping platform and a photography business.

Ben Stephan


Ben brings a unique set of skills to the table, including his logical mind for technology and his creative eye for design. The developer and designer of this website, Ben is always working to improve the usability, accesibility, and beauty of Mala Jam Records as a company and as a community.

Daniel Bomier

Director of Booking

Daniel is currently studying at University of Southern California, which has nourished his love for music through being involved with the Los Angeles art scene. Daniel has taken advantage of the robust art scene at USC by studying the Music Industry. In addition to Daniel’s new home, he also enjoys managing a band out of Appleton, Wisconsin called The Accords. He has booked countless shows in venues across the Midwest. Some of his musical inspirations include John Mayer, The Grateful Dead, Miles Davis, and Roy Hargrove.

Visual Artists

Annah Holmes

Digital Media Designer

Annah has a great devotion for many different art mediums. From mural painting to digital designing, her passion with art has brought her work all across the nation. Currently, she has been working on several freelance graphic design projects. She enjoys working one on one to help rebrand and express her clients’ business through the visual arts. She is excited to be working with Mala Jam as they exhibit such amazing talents within each artist.

Isabella Covert

Oil/Acrylic Artist

Isabella Covert is a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying Fine Arts. Originally from Cedarburg, Wisconsin, she has known from a young age that art is her passion. Being a part of Mala Jam is an opportunity to share her work with the world. Displaying her paintings alongside works by other artists and musicians, Mala Jam showcases the diversity of the arts community.

Sarah Stephan


Born with a flair for the arts, Sarah offers a creative and precise eye for design and photography alike. As a house photographer, Sarah works directly with artists: conceptualizing, planning, and executing dynamic photoshoots that capture their unique creative vision.

Elaina Anderson


Self-taught and always looking for new takes on her hometown landscape, Elaina loves capturing unique personalities of her friends and the talent within Mala Jam!


Graphic Designer

Joey Duehring is a 19 year old artist from Appleton, Wisconsin who’s focuses are graphic design and photography. He started designing album covers, posters, and t-shirts for the artist Poet22 in early 2019, and has been working with her ever since. Joey completed his first year of classes at Peck School of the Arts in Milwaukee. His biggest artistic inspirations are Jenny Holzer, Francisco Goya, Todd Hido, Solange, and Hayao Miyazaki.

Studio Members

Henry Ptacek

Drums, Percussion, Songwriter, Producer

Henry Ptacek has always been innately drawn to rhythm. He practices a wide range of percussion styles, from Western classical percussion such as mallet and orchestral playing, to the rhythms of Brazil and Carnival, and even to the religious music of Santeria or the Black American music jazz. Beyond learning more of his craft, Henry has been recording drums and songwriting in his home studio for the past year. Above all else, Henry loves to see his instrument make a song burst with feeling.

Jack Cain

Vocals, Songwriter, Producer

Jack combines poetry, vocal techniques from his musical theatre background, and his passion for rock, pop, and jazz music to create an intoxicating vocal expression and power. As an actor, his ability to delicately convey emotion through spoken or sung word can liven lyrics and enhance melodies.

Tony Krueger

Head Producer

Tony Kreuger, or The Missing Link, is a music producer and audio engineer working in Wisconsin, best known for his production in collaboration with the lightly esteemed GCP Spittas hip hop collective. While specializing in rap vocals and beat making, Link also mixes songs within various other genres. Link's background in percussion and music theory contributes to his production, which is ultimately inspired by his passion for 19th century architecture.

Danny Lopez


Danny Lopez is a Chicago-born guitarist who specializes in the soul/jazz/blues/funk world. Danny keeps himself connected to the music scene of the Fox Valley playing gigs and writing music with many. Danny started playing at the age of 13 with his middle school jazz band. Later he would join bands such as Minus One, and be the accompanist guitarist for live shows of Poet22. With a deep love for pocket playing and rhythmic mastery, he is the ideal rhythm guitarist. Not to mention his many years of playing jazz have lent to an amazing soloing ability.

Ben Stephan


Ben is a blues guitarist with a jazzy flair. His extensive experience in a plethora of genres, including hard rock, funk, jazz, alternative, and indie bands, makes him the perfect candidate for all recording needs.

Alejandro Valdez


Jando Valdez began playing bass in high school and hasn't turned back. Originally a percussionist, he is very connected to groove and rhythm, which is essential for the bass. Inspired by bassists such as Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jando began playing all types of music, especially jazz and rock. Jando is starting his journey at the Lawrence Conservatory of Music this year as a Jazz Bass performance major.

Charlie Palm

Trumpet, Bass, Piano

Charlie Palm is a jazz player, but his music-making doesn't stop there. With a deep knowledge for jazz theory, he is able to create stunning solos as well as thoughtful tunes. His primary instrument is the trumpet, for which he is receiving a full ride to study at Madison. In addition to the trumpet, he plays the bass and piano beautifully and with a depth of knowledge in not only notes but feelings as well.

Isabelle Krier


Isabelle Krier is a violinist out of Madison, Wisconsin. Her musical ability led her to stay in her hometown to pursue a BM in Violin performance under a full ride scholarship as well as majoring in Biology. After winning a couple concerto competitions she has been focused on ensemble and recorded playing for various genres.

Meredith Nesbitt

Bass, Cello

Meredith Nesbitt is an acoustic and electric bassist and cellist. She has studied under a variety of teachers including Uri Vardi, Nick Moran, Hana John Taylor and John Christensen. Originally classically trained, she now spans a variety of styles including free and straight ahead jazz, rock, folk and Afrocuban. She draws inspiration from Fred Hopkins and Tomeka Reid to Cachaito and Andy Shauf, to name a few.