Macy n Vinn e

"Walking the line between bedroom pop and grunge rock"

About Macy n Vinn e

Macy and Vinn e are more than just a music duo. They take the love they share for each other and infuse it into their music.

Macy and Vinn e

Vincent and Macy. A little quirky, a little odd, a little out there. That’s what they love.

Vincent, more popularly known as Vinn e, does not go a day without strumming on his guitars or bass.

Macy, more popularly known as Macy, tends to focus on the lyrics and melodies for the songs.

Macy and Vinn e

Vincent loves The Jesus and Mary Chain & The Velvet Underground while Macy drools over Bob Dylan & Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.