She's Upstairs

Goodbye Eden

"Examining the complexities of human emotion"

Taking inspiration from different genres, GBE examines the complexities of human emotion

Runaway- - Reminiscent of classic doo wop Goodbye Eden sought to bridge the earliest sounds of rock with the current state of our art. This song has a piano and drums driven 12/8 groove similar to old dop wop. GBE breaks off in the chorus and bridge as they introduce new layers. A heavy bassline, a simple yet catchy vocal melody and a modern, cutting sounding synth part. The key change heard in the end of the song serves as an anthem, uplifting everyone with a swell of vocal harmonies.

Slo- Rooted in the newly emerging genre bedroom pop, Goodbye Eden accepted and encompassed this genre while they wrote and recorded their album in a series of bedrooms, attics and basements. The crunchy and funk influenced drum groove compliments the hip chord progression of the guitar. The chord progression of the verse ties through to the chorus giving an comforting continuity as the vibe of both sections completely change. Goodbye Eden explored in this song, Henry’s responds to what seems like the end of the song with a fill into a reggae outro featuring a steel drum solo.