The Tarantino Experience

"Drug infused, love enthused hip hop"

About The Tarantino Experience

Drug infused, love enthused hip hop - when Atlanta trap meets Kanye West’s midwestern influence.

The Tarantino Experience

The Tarantino Experience is equal parts a clashing of sounds as it is a vocal commentary of the world through the eyes of the youth, specifically what being “the youth” means for three teenagers from a small city which seems devoid of opportunity.

The Tarantino Experience

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of being 14 years old. The start of Tarantino was an innocent one, but one that would go on to change the course of many lives forever. The mere existence is just the good grace of chance; one summer day 4 years ago Gabriel went to play basketball at a park integral to the group’s history:Lockwood Park. It was just a normal day playing basketball, except for the fact that the park was completely packed. Naturally a 5 on 5 broke out, and this is where Gabriel and Hopeless met for the first time, getting their hooper-ability utterly exposed by a bunch of kids. After the game, Hopeless walked up to Gabriel and they started talking. Just by pure chance this was one week after Gabriel started recording in his basement studio and Hopeless started uploading freestyle. They went on to talk for awhile and get each other’s contact information. Instantly music started being created, it was roughly a year later when Hopeless’ friend got into rapping, Gabriel, being the curmudgeon he is, wouldn’t let who we now know and love as AV into the studio for months after. At times, The Tarantino Experience seems more of an idea than a group. Members over the past few years have come and gone but Gabriel, Hopeless, and AV have been anchors in what has now solidified as a three member group.

The Tarantino Experience

Gabriel Lucas, the oldest in the group has a dark more aggressive style flow and sound. This unique rap sound is coupled with his desire to comment on something he believes in with his lyrics. In addition to being a lyricist and delivering flow, he has a great ear for the big picture as he mixes a lot of the work he does.

Hopeless Dynasty is a young man exuding talent. His clever and meaningful lyricism is made possible by his insatiable desire to create. Not only does Hopeless rap, but through The Tarantino Experience’s work, he is the only one that is heard singing. Most of the hooks and catchy lines are courtesy of Hopeless Dynasty’s captivating voice.

AV Santana is a voice missing on “Adolescence” but a presence felt, the most ‘traditional rapper’ of the group, AV fills his bars with clever punchlines and his laissez-faire attitude is a key part of constructing the groups message as a whole.

The Tarantino Experience The Tarantino Experience The Tarantino Experience

Tarantino has been performing for a few years now, miscellaneous pop up shows are the norm, but for about a year The Tarantino Experience were frequent acts for Kenosha collective New World Order headed by promoter Nathan Darko. Another few months were spent performing with promoter, and long time friend of Gabriel Lucas, Eddie Young and his company called BAM.

The Tarantino Experience is currently working on their first full length LP Album with producers Henry Ptacek, Jack Cain, and The Missing Link. This work is slated to be their most ambitious project yet by taking creative control of the entire process of music making.

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